Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Rush

Hello beauties! Color of the Year is HERE, so I’m FINALLY showing off my Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick. I had the option to pre-order from Sephora as a VIB Rouge so I’ve worn it a couple times, but it hasn’t been photographing well inside with my limited equipment. This is an interesting color and I really wanted to do it justice.


First off, the packaging is really neat. I like how the square tube is angled in the box. It seems the top is magnetic to hold it on to the base.


Ahh, brand new lipstick. One of life’s simple pleasures. Is there anything better? Please forgive me if the photo is a little blurry!

So far I’ve done a couple looks when wearing this lipstick, the first with a sparkly white eye, then another with Chopper (glittery chopper) and Sin (shimmering pink champagne) and both  with cool-toned blush. But I’m trying to use this blog to push out of my comfort zone, so I decided to let the lipstick be the star of the show and go for a completely naked eye for the first time since… hmm, probably ever.

I also dug into the rarely-used darker side of my Anastasia brow powder duo for an extra-bold brow and finished the look with Benefit Lollitint, in keeping with the radiant orchid theme.


Someone told me I look terrible like this! But I thought it was fun.


These lip pictures feel so silly to take, but I know they’re useful to me when I’m scoping out product reviews.

So this product is being advertised as a matte lipstick, and if you’ve read any other reviews (or you have eyes and just looked at my photos) you know that’s not true. It’s really more of a satin finish. However, I really liked the feel of the product. Just one sweep packs a decent amount of pigment, but you can blot or layer to adjust to your liking. The lipstick is not too dry, but not super glossy either. It lasted through a meal on Saturday but I will warn that it stained my lips like no other product I’ve used, even with a lip primer, and my lips are dark for my complexion. Another pitfall is that purple tones can make your teeth appear more yellow! Hence no smiling.

Despite that, I was slightly disappointed the color didn’t lean more purple. It’s more of a magenta. There are some dupes out there- although I don’t have an extensive collection of bold lip colors, Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy by Urban Decay would be the closest match in my stash. For some reason I really have purple everything, especially lips, on my brain. And pastels. Lucky for me I just ordered Rollergirl and Mannequin Lip Tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!


I’m on the fence if this is a good color for me personally. Anyone that has thoughts, I’d love to hear them! Definitely go by Sephora and check out the Pantone collection- all the products are drool-worthy. If the color flatters your skin tone, this a great buy! At $18, you would pay a lot more for a high-end lipstick of similar quality.



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